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Challenges around data protection and insider threats have changed dramatically over the past few years. Organizations today rely more on high-speed networks and mobile computing to increase the productivity of their workforce. Large volumes of information can be easily shared and accessed – anytime and anywhere. Today it’s no longer a matter of preventing confidential data from getting into the hands of the bad guys. Businesses now are expected to handle such data responsibly, often in accordance with strict legal requirements.

SYSVOLT Technologies can help your organization find and protect all the confidential data in your organization’s emails, files, databases, corporate portals, and endpoints. We start by identifying confidential data your organization may have out in the open, and perform a strict series of audits to ensure they are not accessible with security implementations we perform.

Read more about Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from some of the providers below.

       *    RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite
       *    Symantec Data Loss Prevention
       *    Trend Micro Data Loss Prvention
             In addition to these products, SYSVOLT Technologies will perform it's own internal testing to ensure you are protected by way of best practices. If your company stores confidential information, contact us for more information on how we can help.

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